Aligning your Processes, People and Technology to Achieve Organisational Effectiveness, Sustainability and Value Add

Government agencies are under greater pressure to operate and deliver more efficient citizen centric services during a time of increasingly tight budgetary constraints. In response, government organisations are embracing AI and Robotic Process Automation as advances in technology create new opportunities to generate cost savings and drive operational process efficiency.

Digital transformation, policy and citizen expectation are driving a significant paradigm shift which is challenging the government sector to redefine value and reinvent their processes and service delivery . What’s more the APS review has highlighted operational excellence as a key priority for government agencies going forward.

With this in mind, the Operational Excellence for Government conference is being developed to redefine value-add, deliver greater cost savings and transform efficiency in the public sector.

Why Attend:

Learn how the Government Sector can Drive Business Sustainability in times of Budget Constraints and Growing Demand

Hear a Diverse Range of Case Studies focusing on Waste Elimination and Increasing Productivity

Understand how You can Create a Culture of Continuous Improvement and Sustainable Change through Capability Building and Communication

Explore Customer Journey Mapping and Embedding Citizen Centric Practices to Drive Better Citizen Outcomes

Create a Strategy for Digitisation and Automation

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Who will you meet?

Directors, Assistant Directors, Head of, Managers, Project Managers of:

  • Business Improvement

  • Continuous Improvement

  • Productivity

  • Process Improvement

  • Business Process Improvement

  • Business Transformation and Modernisation

  • Performance and Strategy

  • Operations

  • PMO


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